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descriptionWelcome and School Ended  EmptyWelcome and School Ended

School is Ended Sooner

"Fluxxis Community is a online network was develop by @NotLinksty (VP Superintendent) and @🌺 Milessa (Not Linksty GF) but the owner is remind Unknown, what are you waiting for JOIN US!"

Mentioned: we do not ping everyone because sometimes people don't like pings cause it annoying for community and staffs

By @Akimbo (Board of Educational)

Friends and Community as we know it mostly the end of school year (bruh) but I hope you guys have fun and Enjoy your Monthly summer break (bruh why it most fall) anyway my children I meant community as you knew our server is broken like house it burn down by fire fire, but I have some events over break of school year but not today (it coming soon at June 20th) so be ready zapand @⚡︱Mod - Community Moderation and other Staffs Soon your task are coming soon!!!!

FluxXis Community
Would you like to invest your money, grow your community or get famous? Just kidding joy anyway pls Advertising this Message and get roles the bestest one Wink

- Invest in our Network with a 150% Return, you are dreaming there is no money lol joy
l - Services to Grow our server
- Trusted Customer Reviews
- Friendly Community & Staff
- Regular Giveaways
- Hiring Staff till August 1st 2022

What are you waiting for? Join us, today!

descriptionWelcome and School Ended  EmptyRe: Welcome and School Ended

This is a Discord Server we want to advertise you guys to join
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